I’m Jared Dubin, a longtime NBA scribe who has written for outlets like ESPN, CBS Sports, FiveThirtyEight, Grantland, The Ringer, Sports Illustrated, VICE Sports, GQ, Bleacher Report, Slate, Dime, The Step Back, and Hardwood Paroxysm, among many, many others. If the site either exists or used to exist, it’s a pretty safe bet that I have written at least a few basketball-related words for it sometime over the last decade or so.

Alas, FiveThirtyEight shuttered its sports coverage earlier this year, so I have been left for the past few months without an outlet to cover the wide world of basketball. Rest assured that I have some irons in the fire (and some stories coming out fairly soon), but barring unforeseen developments, I will be covering the 2023-24 season right here — in the exact same exuberant way I always have, just in a new location. And in a slightly more organized fashion, just so I can keep myself to a regular (and relatively sane) writing schedule.

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This is going to be my 14th year covering the NBA, and I can’t wait to get started. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

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Jared Dubin is a New York writer and lawyer. He covers the NFL for CBS Sports and the NBA at Last Night, In Basketball, along with numerous other outlets.